June 24

Bird Migration in the Middle East with Yoav Perlman


Yoav Pearlman has been studying the Great Bustard in Spain and Portugal. Great Bustards are going through a serious decline across their range. Their future isn't very bright, but I hope that with international collaborative work progress can be made in the next decade or two.

Bird Life Europe has developed a conservation project called Champions Of A Flyway. Israel is the last fueling spot before birds cross a huge desert belt of about 3000 kilometers to the south of Israel.

About 30 to 40 million birds are killed illegally across the Mediterranean basin every year. Illegal bird hunting is a big problem around the Mediterranean and in the Middle East. Something like 30 to 40 million migratory birds are killed every year.

Bird Life Israel is a conservation NGO, affiliated with Birdlife International, with a staff of about 10, with significant local influence in regional conservation matters.


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