May 31

Captive breeding programs at Zoos SA with Chad Crittle

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What is it like to be involved in a breeding program and managing part of an insurance population of an endangered species that is under human care?  How important are the birds that you see in free-flight displays at zoos and sanctuaries around the world? How do the birds in those shows get selected, and is it a good purpose for those birds to be put to?

If you have ever wondered about any of those issues, you will enjoy hearing Chad Crittle, Senior Keeper of Birds and Free Flight at Adelaide Zoo, who supervises a wonderful team of animal professionals, delivering care for 1000 individual birds from over 100 species, talk about these issues.

Adelaide Zoo is part of Zoos SA, a private foundation, which also includes Monarto Zoo, and Zoos SA participates in the captive breeding and management programs for the Regent Honeyeater, Orange-bellied Parrot, Plains-wanderer and Malleefowl.

As well as supported research with animals in human care for species such as Little Penguins, Australian Sea Lions, New Zealand Fur Seals, Swift Parrots, Regent Honeyeaters, Regent Parrots, Palm Pockatoo and many others. His main passion is sharing the stories of wildlife with people who visit the Zoos SA sites, as well as directly contribute to vitally important conservation work both on site at the zoos and in the wider community.

SInce 2009, Chad has presented over 3500 large scale animal shows, highlighting the work of good zoos in the conservation space and highlighting species to the thousands of visitors good zoos receive each year. Chad has also worked directly on several conservation programs including captive breeding of the critically endangered Western Swamp Tortoise, Swift Parrots, Orange-bellied Parrots and Regent Honeyeaters.

Orange-bellied Parrots bred by Zoos SA release

We mentioned the macaw that took a brief vacation from zoo duties - read about it here

Fundraising for Zoos SA

Zoos SA is a private foundation, and relies greatly on the public to keep it's conservation programs going.  Please consider donating, if you can, to continue the important work with the Regent Honeyeater, Orange-belied Parrot, Plains-wander and many others. You can donate here.

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