November 7

Gang-Gang Cockatoos and NZ Bird Of The Year


Here is a bonus for you - the live stream where Grant spoke with Dr. Michael Mulvaney about the (recently listed as Endangered) Gang-gang Cockatoo, and community efforts, by the Red Hill Regeneration Group in Canberra to assist it, as well as some interesting observations that have been collected via Citizen Science projects.

Grant and Michael were joined by Ellen Rykers, award winning science writer, from Forest and Bird in Aotearoa New Zealand about the BIrd Of The Year (which was announced on that morning!) Find out which species won the title, and a little more about it, and the work Forest And Bird does in New Zealand.  There is also a nice association between Ellen and the Gang-gang Cockatoo.

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Listen to the bonus episode here

You can watch the conversation here


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