September 30

The Weekend Birder podcast


There is a new birder/birdwatching podcast on the scene, it's produced in Melbourne as well, and I am really excited that it's another avenue for people to discover the joy of getting to know birds, and to become a certified Bird Nerd!

I spoke with the host and producer of the show, Kirsty Costa, recently, and I am pleased to be able to introduce Kirsty to you in this bonus episode.

I encourage you to visit The Weekend Birder podcast website, and find the best way for you to listen.

Check out the website here

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You can watch the conversation here;

Kirsty Costa


During the week, Kirsty leads education for a science-based conservation organisation. On the weekends, you will find her hanging out in nature with her friends and family.

After a lifetime of loving wild birds, Kirsty started calling herself a “birder” in 2020. As part of her commitment to education and science, she interviews other birders so that everyone can enjoy birdwatching together.

Teacher, communicator and conservationist

Weekend Birder podcast


birdwatching, podcasts

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