March 23

Wing Threads Update with Milly Formby


You can support Milly by making a contribution to the crowdfunding campaign -  "A Little Extra Lift for a Shorebird Flying Adventure" here.

Almost exactly a year ago, Milly Formby told me about the planning and the extraordinary fundraising campaign that had enabled her to embark on a flight around the continent of Australia, in a microlight aircraft that she built herself (with some great mates assisting), as part of a mission to raise awareness of the extraordinary migrations undertaken each year by shorebirds, flying from the arctic regions, to Australia, and back!

MIlly is now about half way through the journey, and has been visiting schools to let the students and teachers know about these amazing birds, and share the knowledge about how and where these birds spend their time in Australia.

MIlly joined me to give an update about the Wing Threads project, the highs and lows, and what she has lerned along the way with Wing Threads.

Catch up with the first conversation with Milly, before she took off on the first leg on the Flight Around Australia.


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